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Everything about golf is about your swing. The Lucca Golf SWING TRAINER is specially designed to optimize your swing and avoids slicing, resulting in more fairway hits.

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-makes you a better golf player!

Two-in-one trainer!

The Lucca Golf SWING TRAINER is designed in such a way, you will be able to not only train and improve your swing with your clubs – but your putter as well. The front side of the SWING TRAINER – along the ribs – allows you to train your swing motion, and thereby  reduce the chance of swinging across or below the downswing line which often happens to be a problem among many players. By not
being able to be ‘’on plane’’ in the downswing, a slice or hook will occur more frequently. Lucca Golf SWING TRAINER improves your approach to the ball which helps you out with longer distances and a controlled way towards the target.




Systematic swing training

Repetition is a key word as it comes to being a golf player with stability. By
systematically working with the proper swing, your body will naturally build up a swing flow. This will be achieved with a training targeted towards improving the technique and by being conscious about what is right – and what needs adjustment.


The goal

The SWING TRAINER is developed with the purpose off optimizing your approach to the ball and giving you instant feedback for every hit you hit, so that your swing will be ‘’on plane’’ eventually. SWING TRAINER will be your guide to train with a purpose and make you aware of what needs adjustment in your downswing.


How to use your SWING TRAINER

Make sure that the SWING TRAINER is secured properly to the surface before the start of the training. This can be done by placing tees in the holes as shown below

PST2 how to use tees 1.jpg
PST2 how to use tees 2.jpg
PST2 how to use tees 3.jpg

Fastening - The SWING TRAINER is equipped with angled spikes to gain better grip on artificial grass. It is recommended to use four tees in each corner to secure grip on regular grass.

Make sure to place the ball in the right position

- If righthanded, place the ball by the mark at the third rib from the left.
- If lefthanded, place the ball by the mark at the third rib from the right.


To gain the most from your training, strive to get as close to the ribs in your downswing as possible. Use your clubs to determine the right distance to the SWING TRAINER. Place to club 0,4 – 0,7 inches from rubber ribs as llustrated. Place to ball in such a way that you will be able to hit the ‘’sweet-spot’’.

Swing Traing 01B.jpg
Swing Traing 02B.jpg

The golf swing is happening with such speed that your eye can’t even see how your downswing turns out to be. This is where the SWING TRAINER comes in handy. All
you have to do is to swing your swing and it will tell you the outcome – and will reveal the true essence of your downswing. If you happen to be across plane, the
ribs will ‘’catch’’ your clubs and reduce your clubs speed. This will force you the hit it in a straight line to avoid hitting the ribs.

You will gain great advantage of practicing this without a ball in the beginning until you get the right feeling of your new swing. Train your swing by swinging as close to the ribs without hitting them. The instant feedback you will get on every hit will give you a fair view on whether you swing on plane or not. This will give you power of your dream, the right aim and last but not least - the right curve on the ball.

Putting drills

As it comes to putting, a lot of players have tendencies to push the ball instead of actually hitting it. This means that it often loses speed and the length isn’t as predictable as desired.


A great way of practicing the last few hits of the hole is a simple drill which SWING TRAINER can help you out with. This is only by using the lines on the back of it. Use the lines on the back to make sure your backswing is as long as your swing throughout the ball – by doing so, you will be able to gain a flow
that will create stability.

Putter trainer 01B.jpg

Use the division in the fields as guides to guide you to put the iron just far on both sides of the ball / center line.

Train in intervals. Start out with short puts and make sure the all have the same length. Slowly work your way out to greater distances. By doing this, you will gain a
flow that allows you to trust your swing on the course.

Putter trainer 03B.jpg
Swing Traing 03B.jpg

Make sure to place the ball in the right position

Start off with placing the ball in the center of the SWING TRAINER. Make sure the gap between the equipment and the ball fits in with the ‘’sweet-spot’’ of your putter.
Furthermore, make sure there is a gab of 0,4-0,7 inches between the heel of your putter and the SWING TRAINER.

Putter trainer 02B.jpg

Place the toes of your shoes near the ribs as illustrated. (The distance shown is just an example. Depending on height, length of putter and style this can vary). By repeating this technique, you will build an awareness of how far you hit the ball at a given distance. This will lead to a controlled approach to your putts.


By having a stabile routine in your putting technique, the foundation to become a great putter has been laid out. Then it is all about being able to read the green for breaks, pointing out uneven surfaces and being able to tell the speed of the green to hit the perfect put – the technique is the first thing to worry about, the rest is yet to come.


SWING TRAINER can be washed with water and cloth. If water enters in the device, make sure to dry it out before putting it in a bag. Store the SWING TRAINER in such a way that the rubber ribs avoids pressure to make sure they are not being disfigured under continued pressure.


about us


Yet another slice…

These were the ones the Mike Damkjær happened hit over and over again – among a lot of other players. A hit that 8 out of 10 player are fighting the get rid of. This was the basis the idea of SWING TRAINER that Mike started having 16 years ago. He saw that there was a need for an simple equipment that could help of fixing this common problem and
create an understanding of the downswing.

With various brushes and materials available, Mike made various versions of assistive devices and trained with them at home in the garden.


Mike began to understand better and better what a problem it was, almost all golfers struggled with their turns, and what needed to change from swinging from the outside in to causing it to end with a slice / fade.

Prototype (old).jpg

From frustrations to carefully worked out products.

Mike trained intensively with his prototypes and regained his love to the game as he felt the improvement. He went from a scoring average at 95 to 83 in just one season. It all started with frustrations and balls in the forest and turned out to useful product.

“efficient way to improve your swing”

- Pro Player - Mads Dam -

danish design

beautiful and functional


In cooperating with former professional golf player Mads Dam, we have been able to streamline and mature the production. We have been able to gain a lot help from concept developer and industrial designer, Kim Pagel, as he helped out taking the idea a step further and made it into a modern sporting product which hopefully will be a great help to golf player across the world.

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Lucca Golf SWING TRAINER™ - Golf Equipment

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